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Heliportable Drilling & Site Investigation

About Us

Helidrill was formed in 2007, originally based in Greymouth and are now based in Invercargill, Southland. Their core business is explorational drilling for the likes of Coal, Lignite, Gold and Platinum.

Helidrill prides itself on being a small owner operated business that puts the client’s needs first. Grant is hard working and safety conscious, meaning that not only does the client’s job get completed in a timely manner, he also ensures the operation is safe for visitors to the site and staff, resulting in no downtime due to accidents or safety issues. Regular maintenance and upkeep of the equipment also keeps unwanted downtime for the client to a minimum. The experience of Grant as a driller, usually results in an above average Core recovery for the client.

What We Do

Helidrill own and operate 4 Heliportable top drive rigs, the 2 main rigs are currently track mounted, with one easily removed from the tracks so that it can be flown, craned etc into place.

The rigs can be broken down into several parts, and flown to remote locations or locations that are inaccessible by road, they can be shifted by Helicopter.

Once on site they only require a 10 x 6m platform. Helidrill also has huts and associated camping equipment that can be flown to the site so that we can camp on site to negate the need to be dependant on the weather for flying to and from the rig each day.

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