About Us

The history of Helidrill

Helidrill is owned and operated by well known and respected driller Grant Brotherston who has had over 34 years’ experience in the drilling industry.

Their first project was drilling for the access tunnel at Pike River and since then they have done the majority of their work for Solid Energy and the L&M Group of companies in locations throughout the South Island of NZ. Their specialty is Heli Potable drilling, meaning that all the rigs and associated equipment can be broken down and flown into remote locations via Helicopter. This allows exploration of areas that are remote and/or inaccessible by road.

While Helidrill specialises in Heli Portable drilling services, they can also offer a range of other drilling options as detailed in the services page of the website.

Director and Driller

Grant was born and bred in Southland. Grant has been in the drilling industry for 34 years, starting in Ohai in 1986 on a coal exploration project.

His drilling experience includes having drilled on the Clyde Dam power projects, drilling for Gold at Macraes flat and in the Bullendale Valley, drilling for platinum on the Longwood Ranges and work on the Manapouri Tail Race Tunnel. He has also spent time drilling in Australia and has done 2 three months stints in Antartica. The first was on the Andril project where they were drilling for Global warming information.


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